Transition Year Rescue Course

This course is tailored to secondary school students.

  • Students will gain a greater understanding of C.P.R. and qualify them to use a De-fibrilator.
  • Students will also get to extinguish a live fire with our state of the art fire training rig.
  • They will also get hands on experience with fire service rescue tools and will get an opportunity to cut a car.

Alpha training is one of the top providers in health safety and rescue training in Ireland today, this is due to our highly motivated staff who come from a broad range of life experiences from fire and rescue to paramedics within the ambulance service, military and coast guard. We know first aid training is easy enough to come by with there being a lot of company’s who provide it at sometimes a cost that just doesn’t reflect value for money!!! This is where Alpha Training is different from other providers.

Alpha Training provide

  • Real time personnel to deliver training in a realistic environment
  • Real time personnel with life experience in all manners of first aid and all manners of rescue
  • People who can trouble shoot a situation if it doesn’t go according to plan and show your student how to diversify your plan in a time critical incident.
  • Real time practical scenarios including 10,000€ worth of equipment for your students to train with.

This is where Alpha Training leave the rest behind and for a fraction of the price.

  • Ever wonder how a fire develops so fast?
  • Ever wonder what it’s like to cut the roof off a car?
  • Ever wonder how to deal with a stroke or a cardiac arrest?
  • Did you ever ask yourself how you would react in a darkened room searching for a casualty?

Yes, any one of us can Google the answers to these questions.

But we at alpha training are bringing the scene to you and will teach and guide your students through action based learning to bridge the transition from a highly structured environment to a time critical rescue situation, which will encourage learning strategies through transferable critical thinking and problem solving to help prepare you for the adult world of work and relationships.

Course Details

One Day Course

  • Emergency services lecture
  • Manual handling
  • Safety course
  • First Aid

Two Day Course

  • Emergency service lecture
  • Manual handling
  • First aid
  • Fire extinguisher training
  • Hose familiarisation
  • Road traffic accident demonstration

Three Day Course

  • Manual and patient handling
  • Fire extinguisher training
  • First aid
  • Road traffic accident demo

Five Day Course

  • Manual and patient handling
  • Fire extinguisher and hose training
  • Cardiac first responder
  • Breathing apparatus and search and rescue
  • Road traffic accident involving realistic scenario with students trapped in vehicles and students performing extrication
  • Search and rescue exercise with students rescuing a live casualty from a darkened building