Manual Handling Training Course

Manual Handling Training Course

Under the 2005 Safety Health and Welfare Act and General Application Regulations it states that all employees in all industries must carry out manual handling training before commencement of work. By training participants to conduct manual handling safely you are complying with your legal requirements. Back injuries caused by incorrect manual handling techniques are one of the most frequent causes of workers compensation claims.

Course Content

  • Dangers of unsafe lifting
  • Overview of safety legislation
  • Anatomy of the spine and muscular system
  • Safe lifting points
  • Injuries associated with manual handling
  • Importance of exercise and nutrition
  • Competence testing

Learning Outcomes
This course will help you to understand the reasons for doing a job in a way which allows for the least amount of risk. Participants will learn to recognise the risks involved and decide the best way to complete various tasks. This will enable participants to obtain the knowledge to complete unavoidable manual handling activity in the correct manner.

This Course is Designed For
All staff that engage in manual handling activities during their working day. These employees are exposed to situations where the risks cannot be eliminated or reduced sufficiently.

Training Methodology
This course combines lecture methods with “hands-on” practical work using different types of materials. It is highly interactive with role-playing and practical exercises to reinforce understanding and learning.

What to Bring to This Course
While pens and paper will be supplied, participants are free to bring their own. Participants should wear comfortable clothing for practical activities.

Course Duration: 3 hours.

Participants: Up to 12 people per course.

On completion of this course, participants receive an Alpha Training manual handling certificate which complies with HSA requirements for training in manual handling.